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Would you spend £10,000 on your baby shower? The trend is on the rise for the most lavish baby showers now in the UK

Baby Showers these days are not just a small gathering (party) at a friend’s house anymore like they used to be. These days’ women are spending the amount you could spend on a wedding ceremony on a baby shower.

The competition amongst celebrities especially, is rising as women are competing to have the best baby shower! Those funds go from covering the baby shower venue, the baby shower cake, the decorations, the guests list, the food, the host and so on...

However Mel who’s a trainee photographer is not a celebrity.

Mel started planning for her baby shower as soon as she found out that she was pregnant – nothing like planning ahead ladies! Mel on the other hand over those upcoming months found out that she had tilled up a bill of £10,000!

It’s found that the trend on lavish baby showers was adopted from America. Since then it has been reported that women spend around £220 million per year, this spending includes purchasing baby shower gifts, baby shower favours and baby shower decorations. There are even professional baby shower planners now which weren’t in much demand before the trend came to the UK. Women are saying it’s worth every penny because having a child is one of the most remarkable things that can happen in the world. Another reason for this is because women want it to be memorable, precious and treasured for both of their lifetimes.

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